Radiation Calculator

Post date: Mar 24, 2011 2:04:20 AM

The annualized radiation exposure model estimates your overall dose and compares it to the general population.The calculator compares individual exposure to the overall average exposure levels. It also compares the levels to the average among the inquirers of this site. The calculator estimates time (ETA) to earliest possible cancer occurrence that is due to the given radioactive exposure.

You can estimate what-if scenario. Please indicate such scenario as "what-if" in the field "last name". It will be cleansed from the database automatically. Significant impact have: exposure to natural radiation by venturing outside (Yes, bunkers are the safest.); airline use; visiting nuclear disaster sites or living nearby.

The top bar shows data for the last processed entry. Fill in the following form and after a reload you'll see an updated chart with your data. To reload the chart you can manually reload the page or wait a minute - it'll be updated automatically. By submitting the form you agree to publish the results for public view.