([A-Za-z0-9 ,:.;!?()[]''^+^=]{2,}) --> ([а-яА-Я0-9(),.:;?! ^+^=^s]{})

Post date: Mar 5, 2011 6:46:23 AM

Do you have a PPC? Are you interested in Russian and don't know what does the sentence ([A-Za-z0-9 .,:;!?''^+^=]{2,}) mean? Than you might have better to read this message.

A pocket dictionary is one out of the few tasks that can be the most efficiently done by a PPC. Four books are in your palm, colorful, with dynamic search, and all the pleasure for free. Haven''t you dreamed about this?

China comrades have enabled the dream. www.octopus-studio.com proposes a simple to have and use freeware program MDict for PC and PPC. The program is teamed by a transcoder that lets free available GPL licensed dictionaries get ready to use. There are plenty of GPL dictionaries and encyclopedias. Most of them are for the desktop applications. But unfortunately the trans-coder itself does not really help. The articles are displayed in corrupted format, in stream-characters, not truly readable way. The problem ought to be solved by the individual format algorithms for every and each dictionary. The process can take several days and requires extensive wild cards word processing knowledge.

A correct formated for MDIct New Comprehensive English-Russian Dictionary, authors: Apresyan and Mednikova, 110.000 words is here. The attachment can be downloaded.

The academic expression ([A-Za-z0-9 ,:.;!?()[]''^+^=]{2,}) --> ([а-яА-Я0-9(),.:;?! ^+^=^s]{}) means in Microsoft Word wildcard language "translate all lexical units from latin to cyrillic alphabet representation." The expression symbolizes English - Russian babelfishing.